The independent investment research house
for small-cap and micro-cap companies.

Cut through the noise

Connect to the right investors through smart
and insightful financial models and research analysis.

“In a post-MiFID II world, independent investment research is crucial for small and micro-cap companies wanting to close the gap between price and valuation”

– Finola Burke, Managing Director

Why RaaS?

Shine a light on your investment case

Earnings estimates are backed by financial models and up-to-date research to put you front of mind with investors.

“Understanding how fund managers think and how they interpret information is an essential ingredient in obtaining an appropriate share price and appropriately pricing capital.”

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Stand out from the crowd

RaaS Advisory has a reputation for identifying emerging and undervalued small and micro-cap companies and has the connections to deliver like-minded investors. We work with small-cap and micro-cap companies to raise their profile and generate market interest.

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Who we are

The respected choice in small-cap and micro-cap research

RaaS Advisory is the benchmark for independent investment research on small-cap and micro-cap companies. Our funds management approach and reputation for telling it like it is has made us the go-to for companies looking for balanced and insightful coverage in an overcrowded and under-researched investment market.

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